I feel like a peon in warcraft

2012-06-26 19:44:22 by QueuethuluGames

Lately I hate mornings. Between work, writing articles for sl.org and working on games I now have 6 emails to check. Its a bit ridiculous to say the least but its a necessary evil to getting work done.

Some people I work with are spread throughout the state, country and world, calling isn't a viable (or affordable) option. As of late I've been responding to a minimum of 20 emails every morning. I don't think I had that many when I worked at a law firm.

Usually mine are bad news.

During the day, I work at a coffee house, a nice stress free job, good time to think. I go home check email again (usually another round of about 10 or so) then start writing on articles. Thankfully I'm switching over to a video format, so that won't take quite as long... I hope. Then I end the day working on Queuethulu's projects.

So technically I have 3 jobs, and ironically less stress than I had with one. I'm on the cusp of "doing what you love" and in all honesty, it does feel great. I shouldn't complain about emails or whatever, but I could do without the constant facebook requests and political nonsense.


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