Massive update post with GUSTO

2012-08-05 21:27:56 by QueuethuluGames

So last night I started resetting up for a second stab at kickstarter. Last time we were pretty defeated and some people even went as far to pull funding out, which really brought us down...

This time we've got a great team, other than myself and nick, we have a great sprite artist doing all the characters, on working on highly detailed environments, and I'm still discussing with the one who would be working on the battle sprites with us.

We have a unique combat engine, with visible status portraits (a la DOOM) and highly animated characters. we have a few composers from newgrounds working with us on music and several voice actors have started doing some of the lines from the script.

...Oh and we are no longer using kickstarter. We're going to use 8 bit funding this time. It will work better for us overall and its only games. Plus funding goes directly into our paypal account which goes directly to the artists.

We truly believe this time we'll meet our goal, and be able to finish Risque with gusto. Aside from Nick and myself, we now have 2 new artists for sure working. Matthew Walkden our resident world map character spriter has been joined by Leonard Robel, an environmental spriter.

Both are quite dilligent workers Matthew is on character #5 at the moment, and Leonard has just about finished the Murderapolis tilesheet. I'm planning on building murderapolis this weekend, or at least laying out the new base so we can attempt to create a video for 8bit funding.

Younes Issa, handling the character portraits and battle status pictures. So to recap we have on the team 2 Britts, 1 Thai, 1 Aussie, 1 Irish, 2 'Mericans and a beaver.

I am going to be asking everyone on all blogs to check it out when it is launched, then I'll go back to my normal absurd self.

Massive update post with GUSTO


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