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So I'm still exhausted, still with gutrot from a shit ton of NOS and Ramen...
and I'd do it again anytime. It was quite enjoyable, and I recommend it.

Well klint and julie are done, Vincent is started and turk still looks like bart simpson.
so while the world map/town stuff is getting done, our battle animator has dropped off
the face of the planet and can now eat a dick. seriously, if you can't do it or don't want to anymore,
fucking be a man and say something. ugh.

so we'll be continuing as a team of 4 currently, and we'll keep fighting the mediocre fight.

Go figure, 2 N. Americans, someone from England and someone from S. America are working together with no issue.
Someone who lives miles away from me, can't or won't communicate. Yokel jackass.

now Klint and Julie are done I'm probably going to start the RPG demo (it's a stand alone story from the main game starring Klint and Julie. Takes place in murderapolis, and has Yakuza, larpers and hippies in it. Might even throw a drag queen in as a boss. just for shits and giggles. I think I know a local one that needs to be knocked down a few pegs...

Klint and Julie world map done, Vincent underway.


For my last written article (switching to video in July) I talk vaguely about localization of video games.

Lately I hate mornings. Between work, writing articles for sl.org and working on games I now have 6 emails to check. Its a bit ridiculous to say the least but its a necessary evil to getting work done.

Some people I work with are spread throughout the state, country and world, calling isn't a viable (or affordable) option. As of late I've been responding to a minimum of 20 emails every morning. I don't think I had that many when I worked at a law firm.

Usually mine are bad news.

During the day, I work at a coffee house, a nice stress free job, good time to think. I go home check email again (usually another round of about 10 or so) then start writing on articles. Thankfully I'm switching over to a video format, so that won't take quite as long... I hope. Then I end the day working on Queuethulu's projects.

So technically I have 3 jobs, and ironically less stress than I had with one. I'm on the cusp of "doing what you love" and in all honesty, it does feel great. I shouldn't complain about emails or whatever, but I could do without the constant facebook requests and political nonsense.

Gay Game Characters.

2012-06-24 02:25:42 by QueuethuluGames


Since it's gay pride month I discussed some of the gay video game characters out there.


This time I review Splatterhouse (I'm a bit behind on modern games, I blame cost of these games now)

After doing a loving indie one, I decided to write a blog about a franchise that no matter how bad someone claims a newgrounds game is, it's nowhere near Bubsy levels of sucking.


Game Updates

2012-06-19 21:39:31 by QueuethuluGames

So started Klint's "sprites" for Risque: Total Carnage,
Ludicrous amounts of gibs to come, and I need to come up with a "open door" animation,
something over the top and hardcore. Maybe Klint will headbutt doors or something,
I don't know. Eventually I should get Jordan done, he's Klint's support in the game, he's always on the screen,
as if watching from far away, and he usually does stuff like smart bombs, direction suggestions... and
sarcastic banter between friends.

Got Scouted

2012-06-17 20:55:42 by QueuethuluGames

Good day, got scouted. gonna keep working on the project. more updates to come.


I write a video game blog for the secretlaboratory.org, usually I tend to rant about old school games, but recently I've been on an indie kick because of lack of coverage of some of the indie games I've seen.
Damn the media, here's what I think.

Also a special thanks to Tom for helping me dig up a few of them, I had no idea some of them that I'd played had a great freeware run before.